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Coolmax Athletic Toe Socks

The Aonijie Trail Sock is engineered for uneven and unpredictable terrain and allows the entire foot to perform naturally. The Seamless five-toe design prevents blisters by eliminating skin on skin friction, while the double cuff provides a snug fit around the ankle to keep dirt and debris out.


This anatomically designed toesock will effectively wick away moisture from the foot and between the toes. Midweight provides maximum cushioning featuring a padded heel and metatarsal for durability and protection. Length fully covers the ankle. 

Coolmax Athletic Toe Socks

    • Material:CoolMax 30%,Nylon 65%, Lycra 5%
    • AONIJIE's five-toe patented designed specifically for runners and hikers.
    • Prevents blisters & hotspots while running
    • Ideal use for running, walking and athletic activities
    • Superior mositure management during runs of all lengths
    • Sizing:
      • S = US/AU 4-6 
      • M= US/AU 7-10
      • L= US/AU 11-12
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